Tapestry: Regional Economic Data and Models

Tapestry is a USDA NIFA funded project to develop a transparent, open-access to an array of in-situ data, analysis protocols, and analytic services that enables researchers, extension professionals, and policy makers to investigate inter-regional, inter-temporal, and inter-sectoral relationships at county-level regional economies of the United States. Enabling open-access experiments with replicable sets of cross-sectional and time-series accounts will allows new insights into the causes and nature of income growth across the nation, differences in income distribution across the nation, differences in wealth distribution across the nation, calculating consistent economic contributions and impacts, and measures of the economic interdependency of different regions.

Tapestry’s Current Priority Science Workflows Protocols:

For more information email Phil Watson at pwatson@uidaho.edu or Greg Alward at galward@uidaho.edu